Communicate effectively!

Infographics are a mixture of texts, illustrations, images, graphics and other contents used to communicate concepts and messages in a visual, simple and amusing manner.

What are the uses of infographics?

  • To explain extensive contents better
  • To reach the user better, as visual resources have been used since the beginning of history
  • To enable complex messages to be presented in a more effective manner
  • A perfect tool for your digital communication
  • To capture the attention of you users longer
  • To reach more people through social networks

Professional and well made

We know how to make good computer graphics, and the definition and concept phase is essential in this process. Then, our designers will give them the correct visual appearance for your organization or company. We have a lot of experience in this.

Animated infographics

We can also work with animated computer graphics, which are even more effective in the transmission of information and concepts.

Animated computer graphics are a skilful combination of web programming and the use of animated images.

Examples of infographics

Les taules quadrangulars
Les taules quadrangulars de la Reforma Horària.
Els horaris laborals
La globalitzacio de la premsa.
Books and Roses
Books and Roses. Projecte per a Diplocat.
Campanya ANC 2014 - Ara és l'hora

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