We are Antaviana

We are designers, engineers, philologists, communicators... Offering a unique combination of skills and disciplines. A finely tuned team with decades of experience that can guarantee good results.

We love our work and do it passionately. We are inquisitive, we like to learn, to discover and to experience the Internet.

We are web developers with a unique flavor when it comes to combining technology and arts.

Our team is small but enthusiastic, balanced and versatile

We have the necessary skills to help you succeed in your projects. And if you need a helping hand in any discipline, we have a network of collaborators and partners to make you more efficient.

We work thoroughly: we are obsessed by quality

Our work methodology has been perfected over the years, with highly defined workflows and constant quality controls. At the end of each project, we provide a document certifying the quality of our work. 

We work with you… While keeping your users in mind

We love to work on great challenges, hand in hand with our clients. We know that a good part of the success of a project depends on this collaboration. But we always place the user in the centre and create human digital experiences that connect your users to your company or organisation.

Each project and each client is unique

In addition to a long-term relationship, close collaboration with clients has been one of the keys of our success in the last 23 years. Each client is unique, the same as each project.

We are socially responsible

Not only in our work and our company, but because we live and act intensely in the reality surrounding us: the catalan region of Les Garrigues is also of our concern. Social responsibility is in our DNA.


We are not just designers and developers, most of us are also partners in the business. Therefore, our commitment goes beyond mere work and a standard working day.

Key capabilities

Our main capabilities and skills are: