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Logotype design

Vi del Banya

Creation of the label for Vi del Banya wine

Matallonga winery is a small company located in Fulleda (Les Garrigues. Catalonia). Would you like to read more?

Communication supports

Homenatge a València

A tribute to Valencia. ACPV

Homenatge a València ("Homage to Valencia") is a cultural and vindicatory event with a high sentimental value, in which after many years of government of the Popular Party, the Bullring of the city is again at the disposal of all citizens and was filled by people enjoying the Cultural Festival, as defined by the organizers of the event: Acció Cultural del País Valencià.

Delicadeses. Art de tros. 2014
  • Delicatessen 2008
    Delicadeses. Art de tros. 2008
  • Delicatessen 2009
    Delicadeses. Art de tros. 2009
  • Delicatessen 2010
    Delicadeses. Art de tros. 2010
  • Delicatessen 2011
    Delicadeses. Art de tros. 2011
  • Delicatessen 2012
    Delicadeses. Art de tros. 2012
  • Delicatessen 2015
    Delicadeses. Art de tros. 2015


Les Delicadeses are events that combine poetry, music and art, held in natural sites in the region of Les Garrigues. We have been entrusted with the design of the graphic image in all the editions.

Fundació Catalana de la Premsa Comarcal i Local

Fundació Catalana de la Premsa Comarcal i Local.

Gràfica del congrès anual.

  • Fira de l'oli. 2002
  • Fira de l'oli. 2004

Patronat Fira de les Garrigues.

Cartells per a la Fira de l’Oli de Qualitat Verge Extra.

Congres Internacional de Tipografia.

Congres Internacional de Tipografia.

Exposició d’homenatge a Ricardo Rousselot.

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