Congrés de Cultura Catalana

Client: Congrés de Cultura Catalana
Project: Graphic identity

The historic Congrés de Cultura Catalana (1975-1977) was an event of great impact that contributed to design the structures, consensus and institutions on which we have developed as a society in recent decades. Fifty years later, the new Congrés de Cultura Catalana aims to be an open meeting place where we can recover our collective self-esteem; and also to be the seed to generate new illusions, new horizons, new spaces and new leaderships.



At Can Antaviana we have been in charge of defining the elements of the graphic image of the Nou Congrés de Cultura Catalana 2024/25, generating all the graphic identity and merchandising materials that the Nou Congrés will need: logo design and its variants, creation of the corporate identity manual, layout of documents, design of slide presentations, website design and design of merchandising elements such as tote bags, folders and roll-ups.